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We are welcoming all who feel attached and have been supportive of the Maasai mission to send in their pictures donning their Maasai warrior products in wherever place in the world they are. This will be a support page where we encourage and promote the philosophy of the Maasai people, Living in your natural state. LYNS.

This is a show of appreciation to all those who have given us a shoulder to lean on and remain to stand together with us in our struggles.

Please submit pictures to info@maasaiwarrior.com
with the following information: Name, Where, Expression, your natural state: XYZ and declaration that content can be used for further promotion of MW. All content to be edited by MW internally and then loaded on the website.

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Have you ever Imagined waking on
foot from a place that you´ve always referred to as your home,

setting off to a place you´ve never ever been before. Imagine
meeting people
that you’ve never thought of in your wildest
dreams or ever known before. Slept in places that you’ve
never ever thought you’d do, in dog’s kennels, prisons and palaces.

The thought of it and action is a complete motivation and
enough evidence that human beings are
able to do much more for the
benefit of individual and universal peace than we

It is also a realization that we all have the potential to do extra
ordinary deeds as
extra ordinary individuals that we all are.
However, do we know that? 

In addition, if we do, are we always ready to face
and take that step to our internal freedom of enjoying our
journeys and the choices that we are faced with in our daily

Miyere does talks that would inspire a mouse to face a
cat and still manage to remain dignified for making that choice.

He uses his extra-Ordinary journey and experience to engage with your deepest
fears and inhibitions. This phenomenal man began his on foot
liberating journey by walking from Kenya to South Africa. Since then,
he has walked in not less than 11 countries in Africa without any
travel documents. Having had nothing to eat and no one to talk to on
most nights of his journey, he relates to the fear of being amongst
people who didn't know or understand his verbal language to make you
identify what is true and what is not true. He wakes you up to your
personal journey and purpose in life.
His unique background and extreme values will resonate with what you are
looking for in your life.
Going through more than 69 diverse and different cultures and traditions.
Through the cells and jails of not less than 6 countries and
experiencing first hand the fear and the love of people along the
way. His is a motivating and inspiring life experience, enabling one
to fully find comfort in hisher own journey with the rejuvenation of
a fresh start to attaining the goals of ones vision.

His philosophy of peace through freedom to unite will enable you to fully
understand your borders and define them in a uniquely enlightening
way that is devoid of hate, anger and resentment. If you want to fly
with joy,openness while remaining still in peace, meet Miyere in one
of his talks and be a witness of the power of purpose and self

The interaction and free flow of our shared human spirit will lead you to
know why he took on such a tough, gruesome and revolutionary journey
of walking through the most feared places and spaces in Africa. This
will open you up to the many dangerous, tough and risky routes that
you have taken in your own life and the many reasons you have for the
decisions you continually make. It will also let you celebrate those
choices and use them as a means and foundation to your new, fresh and
rejuvinated start, while noticing and being aware of your choices.
Miyere is known for empowering people to feel more vibrant &
alive, with overflowing enthusiasm to embrace ones ultimate walk with
love and honor.
His talks are based on his personal journey
spiritually, physically and emotionally.

- You will have clarity of your goals, your wants, plans and relationships.
- His talks will support you in pushing boundaries
  while enabling you to celebrate victories and learn from setbacks.
- It is indeed a journey of discovery, a journey towards clear decisions
  and choices that will be aligned with your deepest values.

We all have our different journeys and for sure,
have different ways to tackle these challenges that are diverse.
The talks have the potential to wake us and make us notice our
individual uniqueness and thus our purposes in life.

His simple look at things and approach, makes his talks be very much
engaging to the audience, opening up conversations that otherwise
would have been ignored and ditched as not important to take in as
a way of understanding oneself, community and general

The "primitive" and "basic" values that humanity share are
strengthened and are clearly visible and understood through His lifes living
mission´.It is because of these that you will be at peace and feel united within, in the
pursuit of your set goals.

The intended results of Miyere´s topics of discussion and talks are meant to:

  • Support one to find his/her journey
  • Endure the chosen journey
  • Let you be centered and grounded to your purpose
  • Enhance your relationships and get 100% out of it.
  • Open you up to your fears and face them with confidence and clarity
  • Have clarify and discover the spirit to achieve the goals of your vision
  • Support you find your unique self and responsibility to humanity.
  • Awaken the individuals to their native happiness and freedom to be who/how/what
  • they really want and are meant to be.
  • Rekindle your trust in people and humanity as a whole.
It is by using the ancient values as a base of his talks
and the philosophy of peace through
freedom to unite, that Miyere in his talks will
enable you to break loose and slowly but surely come out of the
closet with full awareness of what your true purpose is.


The Maasai Mission believes the future is reflected in our children.

It is a great privilege and responsibility to be involved in creating a future based on the
choices children will be exposed and are able to make today.

We are always interested in motivating a bright youth, and instilling in them
a faith in a themselves for a better future.
The present schooling system tends to shy away from this

The Light is to be manifested today.

I believe that our children should be given a choice by exposing them
to the possibilities of inventing, finding and opening new doors, and
inspiring them to take responsibility for every action they

This is our world and we go beyond borders that divide
us - borders that at times seem associated with violence and hatred.
Our values and norms transcend these divisions, and our culture and
traditions rule and determine our future.

Miyere has given talks to many institutions all over the world including
most of the

South African institutions:
Cape town, durban, Jo´Burg, Mpumalanga and east london.

Tanzania: Dodoma, Kigoma.Dar es saalam

Lusaka, Kasama

Mutare, Harare

Marracuene, Maputo

Botswana, Uganda and Sudan