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We are welcoming all who feel attached and have been supportive of the Maasai mission to send in their pictures donning their Maasai warrior products in wherever place in the world they are. This will be a support page where we encourage and promote the philosophy of the Maasai people, Living in your natural state. LYNS.

This is a show of appreciation to all those who have given us a shoulder to lean on and remain to stand together with us in our struggles.

Please submit pictures to info@maasaiwarrior.com
with the following information: Name, Where, Expression, your natural state: XYZ and declaration that content can be used for further promotion of MW. All content to be edited by MW internally and then loaded on the website.

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The the Maasai/Mar sai mission.

Maasai in Maa which is the language spoken
by the plain Nilotic Maasai Nation, means the Maa speakers.

In the Luo Nation, another Nilotic Nation mostly inhabiting the lake and river
banks of east Africa, Maasai  or Mar sai means, TO PLEAD WITH.

We combine both these and use this as the main agenda of this mission, with which we choose and have to meet the world. It seeks to plead with the outside world to understand that not only
one way leads to true happiness and freedom.

The beauty of our world lies in the
diversity of our cultures and traditions and it is only through freedom to
unite that we can eventually talk of peace.

The main intention of the mission is basically to advocate and create awareness
on the minority person's rights.

The self being the single smallest minority as a member of this global village, needs to be aware and awake to its living unique purpose and take full responsibility of its share of this journey.

being aware that you have your own journey, which you are solely
responsible for will be very instrumental in the eventual success of this
mission. It seeks to highlight the human rights abuse perpetrated by the
"majority innocently or ignorantly being manipulated by the few, co-operate and need
creators and inventors.

The minority remain victimized in the face of another ruling elite who use the ignorance of the majority to rule.

What we are saying is civilization or development does not have to be uniformly
defined according to any single person or people's culture and beliefs. The
Maasai as an example define civilization as the love of life, where carrying a
spear is more advanced compared to a gun. 

Money is imaginary and valueless in comparison to the cow which is real and alive. Where, one
does not need a wardrobe full of cloths to appreciate that he is smart and
clothed. Not chasing after the fashion labels and brands that condition the
chasers (consumer) and enslaves them. 

Where ownership of land is ownership
of the almighty, it is owner ship of the basic elements of life.

Who says that there is only one door leading to civilization?

Don't I have the right to follow my own or is someone threatened by the existence of another route?

We don't refuse or seek to fight the system all we are asking for;
Can one be left to decide on the definition that fits with her/his spiritual and

Is it civilized to be paying for my security and how much is my life worth, then?

Do I have to measure it in terms of my material being and possession?

Where is our Humanity, are we lifeless in this civilized world?

I have said yes to the situation and accepted that it is so, and now seeks to
get a way out of the jail that the minority in among the majority of the
oppressed and enslaved find themselves in.

Your realization and support in the campaign to awaken the human race will be appreciated and that's what is called for in this noble mission.

Can't you stand up for what you believe in, how long you will flow with the
demands of individuals,governments, institutions, groupings and treaties, that are not sure of the direction they are leading to?

We choose to flow with the flow of nature and thats what we can never
beat, as we invest our time in tring to prove ourselves, we destroy and threaten our own existence.
Wake up and accept reality stop hiding behind imaginations, as life is real and
not a rehearsal. FEAR has been adopted as the normal determinant of civilization.
Fear, in it self stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

My fingerprint is my identification and to identify myself with another
human being should be a choice and not a rule.


Using the most simplest and most cost effective natural and universal action
that is availlable to all cultures and practiced by all, we shall
advocate and campaign for what we believe in.
We shall employ walking as the one and most peaceful means of achieving our goal.

We shall and have been walking without papers and remain depend on the intentions to pave the way through to our journeys purpose and ultimate goals.

Why walking?

Walking is the first step towards discovering ones inner soul where the strength of ones
unique warrior hood(purpose) resides.

Its the most natural form of movement and spiritual connectedness to ones self .
It awakens ones consciousness of the environment including people.

It is therapeutic.

It is a way of finding, discovering and exploring ones full potential as a whole being.

It is a natural way and easiest way of connecting to the ancestors and the holy being.

With walking we are open to learning of the many different cultural and traditional practices.
It is while walking that we are able to be one with the universe as we surrender to the elements of life as we pursue our mission.

Walking will remain to be our way of meeting the world and interacting with the world for the benefit of the minority being.

We welcome all to participate and support our efforts of liberation and freeing the self using the whole being.