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We are welcoming all who feel attached and have been supportive of the Maasai mission to send in their pictures donning their Maasai warrior products in wherever place in the world they are. This will be a support page where we encourage and promote the philosophy of the Maasai people, Living in your natural state. LYNS.

This is a show of appreciation to all those who have given us a shoulder to lean on and remain to stand together with us in our struggles.

Please submit pictures to info@maasaiwarrior.com
with the following information: Name, Where, Expression, your natural state: XYZ and declaration that content can be used for further promotion of MW. All content to be edited by MW internally and then loaded on the website.

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Natives are not Africans and not Blacks.

It is unbelievable to know that the African man is now using a condom to protect him/herself. How fast he forgets and how easy he is swayed around is what is unbelieveable. How does he start to think that the oppressor man/woman has changed his/her original game plan of achieving his/her oppressive intentions and goals. The oppressive intentions live's on...


Why they had to die?

John Garang. What a visionary for the native’s way of life. Based his leadership strength, on spirituality and believed on the power of land to liberate his people. He had to go and nothing has come of his case. How many would we wait to die before we wake up to the common agenda, of unity for peace....


lucky dube

Lucky Dube had to go! - An international activist for rights of the underprivileged and & against the apartheid system had to be killed. He knew too much and had been a problem since the days. The change he wanted was yet to come and his continued stance might have led to him being promoted to the ancestral...


why did they have to die?

Whose benefit, Patrice Lumumba! - O black man, beast of burden through the centuries, Your ashes scattered to the winds of heaven, There was a time when you built burial temples In which your murderers sleep their final sleep. Hunted down and tracked, driven from your homes. Beaten in battles where brute force prevailed. Barbaric centuries of rape...


Why did they have to die?

Why did they have to die, soo young? “The revolution and women’s liberation go together. We do not talk of women’s emancipation as an act of charity or because of a surge of human compassion. It is a basic necessity for the triumph of the revolution. Women hold up the other half of the sky." ...


Cultural orbits rotating in a virtual galaxy

Cultural orbits rotating in a virtual galaxy - The stages of mankind are invariably characterised by the eternal quest for their own place and truth in the universe of their known tried and tested and, or even proved cultures. Objectivity and practical applications of day to day materialises in the well-being of any given situation,...

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Home alone with the Big Five

Home alone with the Big Five - Africa is out of Africa living like an animal in a cage.

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Maasai Shield Query

 Maasai Shield Query - Random query but I was just wondering if there were any Maasai tribes or similar tribes that have a fly or insect of some description as a symbol on their shields?

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Primitve real time Primitve real time Primitve real time,

Primitve real time - Primitive reality: intellectual dilution In your maasai family tree´s, i´m sure you take it neat on the rocks. that´s why you have a biological primitive reality, the passage of time is kind to those who don´t stagnate their ideas, and are always researching new angles, and science, so although your lifestyle is...

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"Hacked" to death on the internet

"Hacked" to death on the internet - How neighbourly! three people dead in a maschete slum. The borders that close, the chains that bind, the innate, the irrate, war is a useless commodity. Thanks to Africa, and the Maasai, they teach you how to have faith in creation and learn the order of the human beasts and the...

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Mineral Rain

 Mineral Rain - Nourishes the soil.

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Kenya at war.

Kenya at war.  More than 340 people dead. Kikuyus targeted by protestors. Kibaki says no to Bishop Tutu and A.U president Karfu. Genocide will never help but kill the Kenyan economy. Land the underlying issue that propels triabl war in Kenya and Africa.

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New option of fuel

New option of fuel - Organicgel african heat is proud of it´s environmental friendly product range. organicgel Cooker Gel. Organicgel Cooker Gel is a high performance, price competitive and safe for indoor use heating fuel. It is used in a organicgel stove to heat water or food. It’s many health and safety qualities make it the...

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Cultures self-perpetuate despite politics or religions

Cultures self-perpetuate despite politics or religions - If you manufacture some alien-looking beings and fit computers inside them send them as rovers to mars, perhaps you would find life in other forms other than what you have created, and then you can say aliens have landed on mars. Cultures meanwhile self-perpetuate despite the existence of other life-forms...

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Who is killing our culture

Who is killing our culture? - It is in deed it is a very hard questions, "Who is killing our culture?" Is it true "The loss of languages means loss of songs, ceremonies and myths? " As is their new technology everday, as it will be new lifestyle for every human race. We don´t expect someone...

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